There is something to be said for recognizing when you have enough of a good thing.

NFL owners approved a new proposal Thursday that includes an expanded playoff field and 17-game schedule. Though the NFL Players Association still needs to agree, at first glance, it seems like an unqualified win. More revenue for the players, more profits for the owners and, best of all, more football for everybody!

And yet …

It comes with a price, and I don’t mean the still-inadequate share of revenue that players would get.

With 14 teams in the playoffs, there will be only one bye per conference. While that gives the best teams incentive to keep their feet on the gas so they can claim the No. 1 seed, it creates a significant competitive imbalance.

NFL owners have approved a proposal to increase the season to 17 games per team.

The No. 1 seeds are already at a considerable advantage. Since 2002, when the NFL went to four divisions in each conference, a No. 1 seed has reached the Super Bowl in all but three seasons. Four of the past seven Super Bowls have been all-No. 1 affairs.  

Now consider that no wild-card team has won the Super Bowl since the Green Bay Packers in 2010. No team that played on wild-card weekend has even made the game since the 2012 season, when the Baltimore Ravens won the championship. 

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