Writing is something I have been doing on and off since I was small. For most of my life, I thought that art was my calling and kind of put writing to aside as focused on drawing and video creation.

Fast forward a few years and my love of tech and writing merged into what is now this mental health and wellbeing blog. The draw to start my own website brought with it a desire to get back into writing and express my thoughts, which is kind of lucky when a website requires written content…

After spending hours upon hours writing on this blog and working on books in my spare time, I’ve not only rekindled my love for writing but I’ve also re-discovered the benefits writing has on my mental wellbeing.

For that reason, I now believe strongly that writing is an essential part of my day to day process. I believe that everyone should sit down and stare at a blank screen, even when inspiration doesn’t seem to be there at that moment.

1. Get your thoughts outta there

Imagine holding in all of your bodily gasses all day. You’d feel sick, bloated and grumpy. That’s exactly how your mind feels when you hold in all of your thoughts. And if you don’t have someone to vent to each day (or just someone to natter to about what’s bothering you) you can become down and stressed.

Thoughts can become trapped, just like gas. Writing gives your thoughts somewhere to go. Writing down your thoughts is like waving your stress away, one word at a time. Instead of having your thoughts whirling around in your head, you can write them down to clear your mind.

Writing your thoughts down can feel like you’re exhaling all of that pent up stress. It puts your thoughts into a physical structure, allowing them to become clearer.

2. Writing changes your perspective

As well as being a great way to rid yourself of ‘mind farts’, writing allows you to change your perspective on things. Instead of experiencing your thoughts in the first person you can see them from the third, which I find beneficial.

For example, after writing down your thoughts, good or bad, you can read over them and see them in a new light, as if they are from someone else. Too often we are quick to give advice to other people but we don’t stop to advise ourselves.

3. Structure and discipline

Writing is a great hobby to pick up because it gives your mind structure. It is also good for giving yourself the discipline to stick to. Consistent writing gives your mind something to focus on and something to achieve.

For me, I get a sense of accomplishment when I have completed a post or written a chapter in a book. Whilst we learn basic writing skills in school, most of us don’t continue to write in long-form as we get older.

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties that I revisited writing in long-form and realised how much I enjoyed it.

4. Creativity

Inside all of our minds are a billion untold stories that are lying under the surface. That’s why an idle mind can become so anxious – we create stories in our heads about the things we care the most about.

Getting into a consistent writing habit allows you to use your creativity in a positive way. When you start writing you let all of those stories come to life like a release of energy that would have otherwise been pent up.

I believe everyone is creative whether they think they are or not and writing is such an accessible way to get those creative juices flowing.

5. Better Memory

It could just be me, but you could improve your memory by writing or at least be able to remember things you thought you had forgotten. When I write I get a sense of clarity in my mind.

Writing gives me a sharper mind, allowing me to recall certain things and write about them easily.

6. Increased Focus

Writing takes concentration. Sometimes I have bursts of creativity where I want to start writing and I can’t stop. Other times, I get distracted by other things and don’t feel like writing. One thing I do know is, writing causes you to be more focused on a task.

I sometimes have to clear all the distractions away so I can focus on writing. I know that if I don’t get it done, I won’t feel like I’ve achieved anything that day. When I write each day, I find myself more focused when I do other activities.

If you’d like to start writing on your own blog, find out how here.

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