Marisa Tomei, left, as Edith Bunker, again stole the show in ABC's 'Live in Front of a Studio Audience,' while Woody Harrelson sharpened his depiction of her 'All in the Family' husband, Archie.

After Wednesday’s second “Live in Front of a Studio Audience” experiment, we can come to at least one scientifically valid conclusion: Marisa Tomei’s Edith Bunker deserves her own spinoff.

Of course, that’s not going to happen considering Edith is a character from “All in the Family,” a Norman Lear sitcom that ended 40 years ago. However, Tomei’s endearing portrayal of the sweet, simple and surprisingly wise wife of closed-minded Archie Bunker (Woody Harrelson) again was a top highlight of a Lear-Jimmy Kimmel collaboration that didn’t reach the heights of the first effort in May. The 90-minute presentation also featured a star-studded re-enactment of another Lear hit from the ’70s, “Good Times.”

The live nature of the ABC broadcast, an exciting TV prospect because of its risk, briefly flirted with disaster Wednesday when real-life drama via network coverage of the House of Representatives’ vote on the impeachment of President Donald Trump threatened to delay the start of the “Studio Audience” broadcast on the East Coast.

Live show:Jimmy Kimmel, Norman Lear on serving a new holiday helping of ’70s sitcom classics

A re-created episode of "Good Times" had its best moments when Viola Davis, left, Tiffany Haddish and Andre Braugher were center stage, but the trio did not get enought screen time in Wednesday's presentation.

Kimmel, who again hosted with Lear, advised the audience of that possibility in an understated way. 

“Apparently, something is going on in Washington, D.C., tonight, so we might get interrupted during the program,” he said, twisting the moment back to the ’70s. “There’s trouble in the Nixon Administration.” (In the end, the East Coast interruption was minimal, with a one-minute delay and two three-minute news cut-ins, with about seven to 10 minutes being broadcast on delay.)

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